EVYP LLP: Bio-Stimulators, Amino acids, Plant Nutrition-Plant growth enhancers, Fertilizers, Organic fertilizers, Insect attractants


EVYP LLP: Plants’ biostimulators, amino acids, plants’ growth-nutrition enhancers, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, insect attractants

EVYP LLP, a subsidiary of EVIE A. Michailidis SA, is one of the few companies in Europe and the only one in Greece engaged in the production of hydrolysed proteins and amino acids, of plant origin only, for agricultural use.


Amino 16

The Greek Industry of Hydrolyzed Protein – EVYP LLP, in collaboration with scientific groups from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, created the new innovative product Amino 16, an organic amino acid fertilizer acting as a biostimulator and a plant nutrition – growth enhancer.
Amino 16 derives from the hydrolysis/extraction exclusively of protein non-genetically modified plant raw materials, which makes it suitable for use in both conventional and organic farming.






“Threpsis” liquid fertilizers / trace elements / bio-activators. Liquid fertilizers are today the most sophisticated way of fertilizing.
“Threpsis” liquid fertilizers are innovative formulations, which are produced from top-quality, high purity raw materials, in various types, meeting the fertilizing needs of all crops, ensuring maximum profitability for the grower.
They are ideally combined with Amino 16.






Dacus Bait 100

Dacus Bait 100 or Db 100 is an insect attractant for the management of fruit flies in olive trees (Bactrocera Oleae), Mediterranean fruit flies (Ceratitis Capitata) in citrus trees and cherry fruit flies (Rhagoletis Cerasi).
Since 1970, EVYP has been producing Dacus Bait 100, supplying the Ministry of Rural Development and Food for the application of bait sprayings in the Bactrocera Oleae Management program.
Dacus Bait 100 is the result of many years of continuous research and experiments by the company’s R&D team in collaboration with the Benaki Phytopathological Institute. It is a product that contains hydrolysed proteins of plant origin as its active ingredient, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly. It is absolutely safe for trees, plants, as well as for humans, animals and beneficial insects.



The company’s R&D team, in cooperation with Universities and research Institutes, is experimenting in developing new products based strictly on plant based raw materials.