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About EVYP

Our history.

The first Michailidis company was founded in 1886 in Drama, Northern Greece, in order to process and export tobacco and to market wines, in 1925 was transferred to Thessaloniki, the main port of the region, and was converted to EVIE A. Michailidis S.A. in 1936.

By the end of 1960s, EVIE utilizing its extensive know-how in agricultural production, established Barba Stathis S.A., a frozen food and vegetables company, and EVYP LLP, a hydrolysed plant proteins/amino acids production company, both stated in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.

Today, EVYP Crop Biostimulation Technologies is a well-established pioneer in the production of biostimulants and insect attractants. EVYP boasts a full range of amino acid products in various combinations with trace elements, macroelements, seaweed extracts and microorganisms. EVYP focuses on developing new products in both business activities, biostimulants and insect attractants, always in line with the European Union's objectives for safe food. At the same time, EVYP provides quick and effective support to Greek producers in their transition to the new era of agriculture.

How we are different

Our strengths

The company continuously invests in the most up to date mechanical/technological equipment, ensuring it remains innovative and competitive. EVYP’s R&D team has long-established collaborations with numerous accredited scientific bodies and Universities.

Excellent raw materials, excellent people, scientists, and hard-working staff cooperate to ensure continuously superior quality, product efficiency, competitive prices, and reliable, responsible and prompt service.

Amino16®, EVYP’s flagship product is an excellent arrow in every grower's quiver. Developed through meticulous R&D and protected by a European patent, Amino 16® forms the base for EVYP’s range of amino acid biostimulants. The products in the Amino16® range are selected by 1 in 4 producers and with a market share of 25% according to S.P.E.L. hold a leading position in amino acid biostimulant sales in the Greek market.

A great deal of our success is based on fostering a corporate climate of trust, safety, meritocracy and encouragement. We are united by a common vision to create innovative, effective and efficient products.

The agriculture of the new era is based on the one hand on the development of new technical means and on the other hand on the use of biostimulants, micro-organisms, combined trace elements and macroelements, namely products that are currently the spearhead for the realisation of the EU's objectives for sustainable agriculture. EVYP is a paradigm of cyclical economy, uses raw materials derived from various cereals to produce biostimulants for all cultivations. EVYP’s sustainability is ensured by our ongoing research for products of such technology, produced by non-genetically modified plant raw materials, also appropriate for use in organic farming.

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Product categories

What we offer.


The use of biostimulants is an essential tool for crop management integration in both conventional and organic farming.

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Insect Food Attractant

Insect attractants based on hydrolysed proteins are used worldwide to attract crop-damaging insects.

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Liquid Fertilisers

Liquid fertilisers, enhanced with macroelements and trace elements, effectively supplement the nutrient level of all crops.

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Water-soluble Fertilisers

Water-soluble fertilizers are essential in achieving the optimum level of nutrient capacity in all crops.

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Research collaborations

Stronger together.


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