Our identity

Our history

Passion for evolution.


Anastasios Michailidis established a company in Drama, with the purpose of marketing tobacco leaves, vines and wines.

The company seat was transferred to the port of Thessaloniki.

The company changed to Société Anonyme.

Following a series of experiments, Dacus bait 100 (Db100), an excellent insect food attractant, was created.

Started experimenting to create new innovative products.

Exceeded 15,000 tonnes of Db100 in cumulative sales to the Greek Ministry of Rural Development & Food for use in the olive fruit fly control programme with the most successful results.

Introduced Amino16®, an innovative biostimulant rich in amino acids of exclusively plant origin.

Registration of Amino16’s patent with the European Patent Office.

Started marketing our products in foreign markets.

Surveys showed that the company holds a 25% market share in Greece in amino acid biostimulants.

Exports to more than 15 countries, also focusing on developing new markets abroad.


We envision a new form of agriculture. One that bears fruit based on the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability and lays the ground for a better future for all.

At EVYP, we are committed to developing products which are:

  • Innovative
  • Specialised
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Safe for farmers and consumers
We aim to have significant impact on optimising plant production and maximising the fruiting of each crop, while reducing the excessive use of fertilizers and plant protection products as well as reducing agricultural costs.


Sustainability, an important prerequisite for future prosperity, is at the core of our business. Using our experience, our present knowledge and our vision for the future, we advocate for environmental protection through efficient crop protection with the most natural means. Following the increasing demands of the new CAP, modern farmers and consumers, we have intensified our efforts to create products that fully meet all EU requirements for the realisation of the objectives of new Agriculture for green growth.


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