EVYP LLP, a subsidiary of EVIE A. Michailidis SA, is one of the few companies in Europe and the only one in Greece engaged in the production of hydrolysed proteins and amino acids, of plant origin only, for agricultural use.


EVIE A. MICHAILIDIS SA is a family business founded as a partnership in Drama in 1886; in 1924 it transferred its seat to Thessaloniki, the main harbour in the area, and since 1936 it has changed its legal form to SA.In the early 60s, the Michailidis company drawing on its year-long know-how in agricultural production, decided to expand its fields of action emphasising on the creation of hydrolysed vegetable protein products to enhance and protect agricultural crops. Hydrolysed proteins have various applications, including their use as a nutritive insect attractant for both Bactrocera Oleae, the worst enemy of olive trees, and for all Diptera Tephritidae.

Aiming to develop the best product for this purpose, the newly established Greek Industry of Hydrolyzed Protein acquired the necessary scientific personnel to carry out a series of experiments in different areas of Greece. The result was “Dacus Bait 100” or “DB100”, an excellent nutritive insect attractant for Bactrocera Oleae, for Ceratitis Capitata and Rhagoletis Cerasi suitable for use in organic crops.

Over the past ten years, EVIP LLP has supplied the Ministry of Rural Development with more than 10,000 tonnes of Dacus Bait 100, which has been used by cooperatives and individual olive oil producers in the Bactrocera Oleae Management programs with utmost success.

In the mid-2000s, the company, following the international urge to use new innovative products in Agriculture, developed an innovative biostimulator rich in amino acids exclusively of plant origin, Amino 16. The product has been granted the European Patent in 2011. Research conducted by the R&D team of EVIP, in collaboration with scientific groups from Greek Universities, Institutes and independent researchers, demonstrate that the application of Amino 16 improves and increases production in various different crops. The company today is the first in sales volume for specialised amino acid products of plant origin in Greece.

As part of its strategy to maintain its dominant position and, at the same time, the significant growth in its exports, the company continues its research in order to market new, innovative, environmentally friendly products.



Its 2,000 sq. m. production plant is located in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki in Sindos in a privately owned plot.
Its production line comprises, among other things:

  • Low pressure steam generating gas boilers
  • Reactors for controlled hydrolysis/extraction conditions
  • Pasteurisation unit
  • Filtration system
  • Automatic bottling/ packaging line
  • Traceability System

The plant also features:

  • Storage areas for raw materials, packaging materials and finished products
  • A fully equipped Laboratory for chemical analysis and quality control

Quality Management System

EVYP LLP, honouring its commitment to products and production processes with quality and respect for the environment, applies a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001 and an Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001 certified by TÜV HELLAS SA.
Raw materials are thoroughly checked to establish whether they meet their specifications, since their quality is directly reflected in the quality of finished products.
Products, organic fertilizers, biostimulators and attractants are subject to constant quality control at all stages of production and packaging to ensure consistently high quality
All packaging materials are accompanied by conformity certificates.
Chemical analyses and quality control are carried out in the plant’s fully equipped laboratory, according to the official methods of the AOAC American Organization of Analytical Chemistry and the Benaki Phytopathological Institute.
One of EVYP LLP’s objectives is to enhance the existing quality control laboratory by equipping it with special amino acid analysis machinery. This aims to optimise the selection of raw materials as well as research and production of specialised products. A laboratory unique for Greek standards.



People are the heart and soul of a company.
In EVYP, this soul of ours has many faces. Our production process is supervised by technicians, chemists and agronomists at all phases. Quality controls monitor production ensuring high and stable quality of our products.
Specially trained agronomists with many years of experience design and execute the sales strategy, the expansion of our network of affiliated stores, bringing new ideas for products and collaborations.

The R&D team lead by the production plant manager researches and experiments on the development of new, innovative and environmentally friendly products. It collaborates with researchers from Universities and Institutes, organises and monitors the development of various researches. The workforce of EVYP is specialised in the production of the plant’s special products. Financial management, secretarial support and e-scheduling ensure the smooth running of the company. In 2017, the company hired a Digital Marketing specialist to promote the company domestically and internationally. From the very first days of 2018, the executive team of EVYP grew by recruiting an agronomist in charge of exports.
The company’s Management stands by everyone by getting involved, by supervising, inspiring.


Extraversion is an essential feature of EVYP’s philosophy.
In 2014 the company took its first steps in foreign markets.
Today, despite the financial crisis experienced, its export activity extends to Cyprus, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, FYROM, Kosovo and Albania.
The company’s objective is to expand to other countries of the Mediterranean Basin and the Black Sea.
An objective supported in practice by its participation in major events of the sector in Greece and abroad.

Social responsibility

Having fully realised in EVYP LLP our responsibility towards society and the environment and recognising that our business activity reflects the values of our company, we have set the goal of searching for and promoting innovative, quality and efficient products produced in our zero energy footprint plant. The source of energy we use is natural gas. A certified recycling company manages all solid and organic waste. All liquid waste is properly treated in the central biological treatment plant of EYATH in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki. A certified environmental protection company manages all hazardous waste generated from the chemical laboratory.


Our vision is a new form of agriculture that will achieve financial, environmental and social sustainability. Always by optimising crop production and reducing the excessive use of plant protection products and fertilizers while reducing crop costs.
Having this objective in mind, all people of EYVP are committed to creating products:

  • Innovative
  • Specialised
  • Efficient
  • Internationally patented
  • Suitable for use in organic farming
  • Safe for farmers and consumers
  • Products for Sustainable Agricultural Development

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Industrial Area of Thessaloniki
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fax: +30 2310 795285


The company’s R&D team, in cooperation with Universities and research Institutes, is experimenting in developing new products based strictly on plant based raw materials.