The advanced product Fruitfix is the result of a very successful combination of the 16-L amino acids of plant origin from Amino 16 with seaweed extract of Ascophyllum Nodosum species found in the Atlantic Ocean, North America and Northwest Europe. Some of their beneficial features include: high concentration of nutrients such as trace elements, carbohydrates, cytokinins, auxins and amino acids that help to increase fruit setting and improve fruit quality.
The application of this combination leads to enhancing fertilization, increasing fruit set, activation of natural defence mechanisms, recovery of plants exposed to adverse environmental conditions, providing better absorption of fertilizer and contributing to increased production of all crops. It is suitable for organic farming.

Seaweed extract

Ascophillum Nodosum

6.25% w/v
L-Amino acids of plant origin 9,6% w/v

List of 16 L-amino acids:

L-Glutamic acid L-Proline
L-Phenylalanine L-Tyrosine
L-Threonine L-Alanine
L-Glycine L-Lysine
L-Serine L-Valine
L-Isoleucine L-Histidine
L-Aspartic acid L-Methionine
L-Leucine L-Arginine

We apply: Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management System EN ISO 14001:2004

The combination of the 16-L amino acids of plant origin from Amino 16 with seaweed extract of the Ascophillum Nodosum species has beneficial effects on the crops used, being at the same time environmentally friendly.

  • Enhances fertilization and increases fruit setting
  • Helps to improve the quality features of agricultural products
  • Activates the natural defence mechanisms
  • Promotes nutrients, improving the absorption of fertilizers
  • Confers tolerance and restores plants quickly in the event of deficiencies or other adverse conditions
  • Contributes to increasing post-harvest fruit conservation
  • Enhances the development of the root system
  • Helps in increasing production

Indicatively applies to the following recommended dosage:

Foliar applications

  • 300-500 ml in 100 lt of water

Application in soil

  • 2-4 It /1,000 m2 with irrigation water, in repeated applications

Shake well before use.

Plastic Containers:

1 lt 12 per carton
5 lt 4 per carton


Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, away from heat sources, open flame or sunlight. Under these conditions and when kept in its original, sealed packaging, it remains stable for at least 2 years