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We are delighted to announce you that we will be participating in 28th Agrotica 2020 exhibition, which will take place on 30-2 February 2020.

We would like to invite you to visit our stand in TIF Helexpo, where you will have the chance to discuss with our specialized agronomists and get to know the wide range of innovative our products.

We are waiting for you at Pavilion 8 FLOOR Stand 11.


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EVYP LLP was present at Agrothessaly EXPO 2019, the famous Agricultural Meeting that took place in Larisa, Central Greece from Feb. 28th to March 3rd, 2019.

The company’s entire scientific personnel presented the special nutrition range of products, consisting of the ‘’Amino Acid Product Line’’ headed by ‘’Amino 16’’ and, ‘’Threpsis’’, a unique range of Liquid and Water Soluble/Crystalline Fertilizers. During the EXPO, EVYP had the opportunity to support Innovative Nutritional Solutions for all Crops, always in excellent combination with ‘’Amino 16’’.

Thank you very much for visiting us, providing opportunities for sharing knowledge on applied crop nutrition!



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Dear friends, partners, agronomists and producers,

EVYP has participated for the fourth consecutive time at Agrotica.
Agrotica 2018 was highly successful, while recorded a record-breaking attendance, with more than 143,000 visitors.
We would like to thank all our customers, Greeks and Foreigners who have visited us and expressed their satisfaction and trust in our products. In addition, they were informed about the results of the latest researches, as well as, our new products.

We also thank all the new customers who came to meet us and discuss with us about the beneficial action and the impressive results of the bioactivator “Amino 16” in many crops.
Scientific staff proposed solutions to increase production and optimize fruit quality by analyzing the technical specifications that compose the uniqueness of EVVP products.

Our preference for the products of our company is a moral satisfaction and is the best reward of EVYP’s research project for the production of Greek products oriened to sustainable agricultural development.
EVYP is always consistent to its appointment with the biggest events in the industry, and it remains committed to its vision of producing environmentally friendly, quality products that help growers to increase their revenue.



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Together with our best wishes for a new year full of health and creativity, we would be delighted to let you know that we will participate in this year’s Agrotica 2018 exhibition, which will take place on 1-4 February 2018.

For one more year, we are inviting you to visit our stand in TIF Helexpo, where you will have the chance to discuss with our specialized agronomists and get to know the wide range of innovative our products.

We are waiting for you at Pavilion 8 FLOOR Stand 11.

EVYP at the 6th Agro-Technology Conference

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Our company participated as an official promoter at the 6th Agro-Technology Conference, held on 15/12/2017, with subject: “Climate Change: Challenges and Adaptation”. which took place at Perrotis College.
The coordinator of the panel was the CEO of EVYP, Mrs Aini Michailides.

The beneficial effect of Amino 16 on stone fruits

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Our company, keeping up with the imperatives of the new form of agriculture that seeks economic, environmental and social sustainability, has set the objective of constant and non-negotiable support for the Greek farmer.

We are committed to research and innovation in the field of agriculture, embracing the effort of the modern grower to increase production while improving quality, and we have just made another research on the further development of our already innovative products.

The aim of the project was to study the effect of Amino 16 on the cultivation of industrial peaches, the production of which is a key pillar of the rural economy, especially in the regions of Imathia, Kozani and Pella, contributing significantly to the export activity of the processing plants in the region.

In cooperation with Anadiag S.A. and the agronomist Mr. Pantazis, it was examined how Amino 16 improves the cultivation of the industrial peach “EVERT” and the nectarines of the “VENUS” variety.

The impressive results in both the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the harvested amount, were presented on 20/11/2017 in Veria with speakers from AgroQuality Mr. Vakami Dimitris and the Sales Manager of our company, Mr. Pavlidis Giorgos, demonstrating the uniqueness and the unparalleled quality of our product.

Industrial Peach
• Increase in total production by 10.6%
• Enlargement of the size and weight of the fruit 15g avg. (Average 160g per fruit)
• The peaches have remained hard during their maturation
• Bright yellow color of flesh
• Increase in sugars

• Improvement of the overall production by 10.2%
• The weight of the fruit was increased by 16g avg.
• Nuts with normal hardness were 10.7% more
• Bright red color.
• Increase in tradable volume of 20.9%

The analytical results of the measurements are expected to be published at

We would like to thank the large number of professionals in the industry who attended the presentation and have trusted our products over the years as well as the organizers for the highly successful event.

The “Amino 16” of the EVYP in two studies at the 28th Conference of the Hellenic Society of Fruit and Vegetable Science

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The excellent results of the use of AMINO 16, increase in the production of olive trees by 10.4% and total production of olive oil by 18% were presented at the Arboriculture session by Mr. Psarras PhD of the Institute of Olive, Subtropical Plants and Vine of Chania. Research Title “Study of the application of amino-acid formulations (Amine-16®) to the flowering, fruit production and production of the olive tree (Koroneiki)”.

The highly beneficial effect of the use of AMINO 16 on the qualities of the essential oil of Mint and Spearmint, was presented at the session of the Horticulture by Mrs. Aktsoglou on the basis of her postgraduate dissertation “The effect of the addition of amino acid solution (AMINO-16®) Mentha × piperita Sm. and Mentha spicata L.).

EVYP LLP official sponsor of the Conference, held from 16 to 20 October 2017 in Thessaloniki, welcomes his highly successful event, which was endorsed by the great scientific community and professionals in the industry.


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EVYP LLP participated in the AGROTHESSALY 2017 Panhellenic Agriculture and Livestock Exhibition, held in Larissa from 9 to 12 March, and thanked you for your presence.

The special interest in the leading products produced by EVYP LLP led to the very high visibility of its stand and the successful event it organized on “The Special Nutrition Products in Crop Management”, with speakers Dr. Yiannis Karastergios Agricultural Consultant and George Pavlidis Agricultural Engineer – Sales Manager of EVYP.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the scientific team of EVYP presented the new products of the AMINO 16 series, AMINO 16 Si & Zn (with Silicon and Zinc,) TOVIGOR special nutrition product, FRUITFIX bioactivator, as well as the new products of the Threpsis range, Copper-Cu which are liquid copper with organic substance and chelated iron directly assimilable by plants.





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EVYP, Greek Industry of Hydrolysed Protein, invites you to visit its stand “TENTA STAND D01” at the 11th Panhellenic Exhibition AGROTHESSALY in Larissa and explore its innovative products for sustainable agriculture. The exhibition will be held at the Neapolis Larissa Covered Market on 9-12 March 2017.

Our team of dedicated executives will be there and will be happy to meet you and introduce you to our new, innovative products as well as to answer your questions.

Within the framework of the 11th AGROTHESSALY, EVYP is organizing an event on “Special Nutrition Products in Crop Management” to be held on Saturday 11 March 2017 at 6 pm in the conference center’s room with speakers Dr. Ioannis Karastergiou, Agricultural and Agricultural Adviser and Giorgos Pavlidis, Agricultural – Sales Manager of EVYP.

EVYP participated and supported the 3rd annual Agrotechnology Conference

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EVYP – The Greek Industry of Hydrolyzed Protein participated and supported the 3rd annual Agrotechnology Conference, organized by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Agrotechnology Commission and the American Farm School and held at the American Farm School on Friday, June 20, 2014. Its topic: ‘Greek Agriculture 2014-2020: Agricultural Production – Processing – Purchase’.

The conference was a great success.

Among the very interesting speeches of the conference belonged also Mrs. Annie’s Michailidou speech, Executive Vice President of the company, which was about Nitrate Pollution, a major issue for the Farming Industry. As part of her speech, Mrs. Michaelides referred to the company’s product «Amino-16 ®», an innovative product, which is manufactured with cutting edge technology and is an organic mixture of 16 L amino acids of exclusively vegetable origin, suitable for use in organic agriculture and registered with the European Patent (02/10/2013). «Amino-16 ®» is environmentally friendly, leaves no residue in the environment and can contribute significantly to reduce nitrate pollution, replacing products that harm the environment and our health.

The producer Mr. Thomas Kyriakopoulos, talked about the beneficial effects of Amino 16 ® in all his crops (tobacco, kiwi and peaches).

The Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Georgios Karasmanis honoured the conference with his presence.

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