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EVYP, Greek Industry of Hydrolysed Protein, invites you to visit its stand “TENTA STAND D01” at the 11th Panhellenic Exhibition AGROTHESSALY in Larissa and explore its innovative products for sustainable agriculture. The exhibition will be held at the Neapolis Larissa Covered Market on 9-12 March 2017.

Our team of dedicated executives will be there and will be happy to meet you and introduce you to our new, innovative products as well as to answer your questions.

Within the framework of the 11th AGROTHESSALY, EVYP is organizing an event on “Special Nutrition Products in Crop Management” to be held on Saturday 11 March 2017 at 6 pm in the conference center’s room with speakers Dr. Ioannis Karastergiou, Agricultural and Agricultural Adviser and Giorgos Pavlidis, Agricultural – Sales Manager of EVYP.

EVYP participated and supported the 3rd annual Agrotechnology Conference

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EVYP – The Greek Industry of Hydrolyzed Protein participated and supported the 3rd annual Agrotechnology Conference, organized by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Agrotechnology Commission and the American Farm School and held at the American Farm School on Friday, June 20, 2014. Its topic: ‘Greek Agriculture 2014-2020: Agricultural Production – Processing – Purchase’.

The conference was a great success.

Among the very interesting speeches of the conference belonged also Mrs. Annie’s Michailidou speech, Executive Vice President of the company, which was about Nitrate Pollution, a major issue for the Farming Industry. As part of her speech, Mrs. Michaelides referred to the company’s product «Amino-16 ®», an innovative product, which is manufactured with cutting edge technology and is an organic mixture of 16 L amino acids of exclusively vegetable origin, suitable for use in organic agriculture and registered with the European Patent (02/10/2013). «Amino-16 ®» is environmentally friendly, leaves no residue in the environment and can contribute significantly to reduce nitrate pollution, replacing products that harm the environment and our health.

The producer Mr. Thomas Kyriakopoulos, talked about the beneficial effects of Amino 16 ® in all his crops (tobacco, kiwi and peaches).

The Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Georgios Karasmanis honoured the conference with his presence.

Interview on ‘Gaiorama’ TV show

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Click here to watch EVYP LLP’s Sales Manager Mr. Pavlidis’ interview on “Gaiorama” TV show during the 2014 Agrotica International Fair.

In the interview you will hear information and details about the company’s products, Amino 16 ® and Dacus Bait 100. You will also learn what needs they came to meet, what they offer to the plants, what is their progress so far and where they are available.

EVYP LLP – Dynamic Presence at the 25th «Agrotica» International Fair

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EVYP LLP, the Greek Industry of Hydrolyzed Protein, participated for a second consecutive year in the Agrotica International Fair, welcoming visitors to its stand in exhibition center 9.

True to its vision of producing innovative, effective and economical solutions that can successfully reduce the high cost of production for Greek farmers while ensuring high quality products with respect towards the environment, EVYP LLP actively supports sustainable agriculture and the Greek professionals in this industry.

EVYP LLP is the only company in Greece and one of the few in Europe, engaged in the production of hydrolysed proteins and amino acids, exclusively of plant origin. Its products are suitable for use in organic farming, with its biostimulant Amino 16 ® having been granted a European Patent [EP 2537823] in the field of organic  fertilizers.

As part of its participation in the Fair, EVYP LLP presented a talk entitled “Amino 16 ®: A complex plant growth factor – Minimization of Olive Tree Biennial Bearing Phenomenon; Effects on other Cultivations” on Saturday, February 1, at 12.00 in Hall C of the N. Germanos Convention Center.

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