3-0-30 is a liquid fast-absorption Potassium fertiliser, suitable for crops with high Potassium requirements or for crop stages requiring an immediate uptake of high Potassium quantities.

% w/w % w/v
Nitrogen (Ν) 2,2 3
– methylene urea 2,2 3
Potassium (K2O) 22,2 30
  • Its slow-release Nitrogen contributes to the better and faster uptake and use of Potassium.
  • The quality and purity of the raw materials make the product readily assimilable and usable by plants.

3-0-30 is suitable for application both by foliar sprayings and fertigation.

  • General dosage for foliar sprayings: 200-500 ml / 100 It spray solution according to the needs of each crop in repeated applications.
  • General dosage for fertigation: 1-2 lt / 1000 m2 depending on the needs of each crop, in repeated applications.
  • Vegetables and leafy vegetables: Foliar sprays using 2-5 It / 1000 It water per 10.000 m2 or 1 -1.5 It/1000 m2 with fertigation
  • Tree crops, Vines: Foliar sprays using 3-5 It / 1000 It water per 10.000 m2 or 1 -2 It/1000 m2 with fertigation.

Shake well before use.

Plastic Container:

1 lt 12 per carton


Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, away from heat sources, open flame or sunlight. Under these conditions and when kept in its original, sealed packaging, it remains stable for at least 2 years.